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Top Reasons Why the Dallas Museum of Art Should Be Your Next Stop: Even If You Don’t Consider Yourself “Artsy”

Reasons to Visit the dallas museum of art
Reasons to Visit the Dallas Museum of Art
the dallas museum of art in Dallas TX

Reasons to Visit the Dallas Museum of Art: Roman Art

Why Visit the Dallas Museum of Art?

Art goes beyond a beautiful painting or a perfectly chiseled sculpture. It represents history, an era; a moment in time that we can look back to and learn from. Observing art should never be reserved for an elite class. It teaches us. All of us. It helps us appreciate the moment in time we are living in, where communications are so advanced we’ve made it a habit to take it for granted. At A Texas Guide, we will always encourage art. And that bring us to The Dallas Museum of Art where they’ve made it accessible for you to visit for free if you choose a general admission ticket. The perfect place to bring your teens (and their friends), your small children, or just take a day of to relax and learn from other cultures and centuries.

Located in the heart of downtown Dallas, The Dallas Museum of Art includes works from all over the world. In addition to its world-renowned collection, the museum also offers a variety of educational programs, public events, and community outreach initiatives. The DMA also attracts thousands of visitors each year. Whether you’re a lifelong art lover or someone who’s just getting started, a visit to the Dallas Museum of Art is sure to be an enriching experience.

The Dallas Museum of Art is one of the largest museums in the United States, with a collection of over 24,000 objects.  Its collection includes works from every major culture and civilization, from African to Pre-Columbian, and it is particularly renowned for its paintings, sculptures, and photographs. In addition to its permanent collection, the museum also hosts a variety of temporary exhibitions. The Dallas Museum of Art is a great place to explore the history of art, and it is also a lot of fun for those who love paintings.

Ticket Reservation and Visiting Hours for the DMA

This museum is a must-see for any art lover visiting the city. With a collection that spans centuries and includes work from around the world, the museum has something to offer to everyone. And best of all, admission is free! However, to ensure a spot at popular exhibitions, it’s advisable to make a ticket reservation in advance. You can book your tickets online. On the other hand, if you do not have a ticket, you can go to the Main Entrance or the Ross Avenue Entrance and request a ticket at the Guest Services Desk. A free entry into the museum includes viewing most of the exhibitions and the museum’s collection galleries. Some special exhibitions require paid tickets. You can get those tickets online.

The museum is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 am to 5 pm, 11 am to 9 pm on Friday, and 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. It remains closed on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving Day.


History of the Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas Museum of Art has a long and fascinating history. Founded in 1903, it is one of the oldest art museums in the United States. Initially, it only exhibited the paintings at the Dallas Public Library. Frank Reaugh and May Dickson Exall played a big role in the success of this museum. While Frank saw an opportunity to exhibit his paintings, May, the first president of the Public Library, wanted new artists to display their work in the museum. This initiative saw a massive surge in the number of paintings that were displayed in the library.

Given the Dallas Public Library’s lack of space to display all of the paintings in its collection, it was clear that a new venue was needed to showcase the work of so many artists. The city’s art community came together and decided that the best course of action was to build a new museum. The museum would be designed to specifically house the library’s paintings, as well as provide a space for rotating exhibitions. Today, the Dallas Museum of Art is a respected institution in the city and houses comprehensive collections of paintings of artists from across the globe.

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Reasons to Visit The Dallas Museum of Art: Its Collections

Reasons to Visit The Dallas Museum of Art: Its Collections

More Reasons to Visit the Dallas Museum of Art: Its Collections

With more than 24,000 objects, it will take some time for you to go around the museum and admire all the works of art. Here are some of the must-see collections in the museum (aside from the Texas art collection of course!):

1. African Art Collection

This museum has a significant collection of African art that comes from Central and West Africa, with pieces dating back from the 16th to 20th centuries. In fact, there is a piece of Nok terracotta that dates back to almost 200 BC to 200 AD. The collection includes traditional masks, statues, and other ceremonial objects, as well as more modern paintings and sculptures. The museum is committed to preserving and displaying these important works of art, which provide insights into the cultures and history of Africa.

2. American Art Collection

The Dallas Museum of Art has a significant collection of American art that goes back to the colonial period and World War II. Its collection includes paintings, sculptures, and works on paper by some of the most important American artists, including Childe Hassam, Andrew Wyeth, Georgia O’Keeffe, Gerald Murphy, Frederic Edwin Church, and Edward Hopper. Apart from the works of these great artists, you will also find paintings by Olin Herman Travis, Michael Owen, Dorothy Austin, David Bates, Clara McDonald Williamson, Alexandre Hogue, Julian Onderdonk, and Robert Jenkins Onderdonk. The DMA also has a huge collection of American folk art and Native American art. In addition to its permanent collection, the museum regularly mounts exhibitions of American art, both from its own holdings and from other institutions.

Cruise Critic

3. Contemporary Art Collection

The DMA is one of the few museums in the country that has a significant collection of contemporary art. Highlights include works by major figures such as Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Franz Kline, Mark Rothko, Robert Smithson, Bruce Nauman, and Jackson Pollock. Apart from painters, there are also works of various eminent photographers, like Lynn Davis, Thomas Struth, Nic Nicosia, and Cindy Sherman.

Reasons to Visit the DMA in Dallas Texas

Reasons to Visit the DMA in Dallas Texas

Exhibitions at the DMA

You will find both permanent and temporary exhibitions at the DMA. The Museum’s collection includes works from all cultures and periods, and the exhibitions reflect this diversity. It also frequently hosts traveling exhibitions, which provide an opportunity to see unique collections from around the world. Among the most popular exhibits are the Impressionist paintings, which are on display in the Museum’s European galleries. Other favorites include the American art collection and the contemporary art galleries.

The Dallas Museum of Art is a must-see attraction that will leave you with a new appreciation for art and culture. If you’re ever in the Dallas area, be sure to visit the museum and check out some of the amazing exhibitions they have on display. Oh, and don’t forget to pay the gift shop a visit on your way out. You won’t regret it!

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