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San Antonio

Lucid Dream – A San Antonio Airbnb with Unforgettable Experiences

Best Airbnb in Texas with a Private Pool - San Antonio
Lucid Dream in San Antonio Tops Our Best Airbnb in Texas with a Private Pool List | Photo Source: Jag Santha

As we stepped into Lucid Dream, the melody of violin music filled the air. The contrast between the hot Texas summer night outside and the perfectly cooled indoor temperature refreshed our skin, instantly whisking us away to a world of relaxation and luxury. This remarkable San Antonio Airbnb, with its private pool and captivating features, was already raising the bar on our vacation expectations.

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A Glimpse Inside this San Antonio Texas Airbnb

Airbnb in San Antonio for Groups

There’s Seating for Everyone in this San Antonio Airbnb Making it the Perfect Place to Host Your Group | Photo Source: Jag Santha

From the moment you enter this house, you’ll realize it is the perfect choice for groups and entertaining in San Antonio. Beyond the foyer and the custom-made dining room table, an oasis of a kitchen awaits, adorned with elegant touches of blue and gold that resonate throughout the entire house. Whether you’re a culinary expert or prefer to stay away from the kitchen, this haven has something for everyone.


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San Antonio Airbnb coffee bar

Indulge in Your Selection of Complementary Coffee and Tea | Photo Source: Jag Santha

For the chefs, this kitchen is a practical sanctuary equipped with every appliance imaginable, from blenders to rice cookers, and a variety of pans in every size. Meanwhile, those who prefer to avoid cooking can find solace in the fully stocked coffee bar and an extensive selection of teas. The filtered reverse osmosis water system ensures unlimited refills, reminiscent of Yeti cup victories. 

Texas Airbnb Movie Theather

This Texas Airbnb Has Its Own Movie Theater | Photo Source: Jag Santha

As your eyes wander through the kitchen, you’ll catch a glimpse of two remarkable features that make this San Antonio vacation home truly mesmerizing. First, your own private movie theater awaits, equipped with a 4k Dolby Atmos system, an Xbox Series X with Game Pass, and a vast library of over 1000 movies to choose from on AppleTV. Additionally, the theater offers premium cable TV, ensuring you won’t miss any major sports events.

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cool san antonio vacation home with a private pool

View from this Vacation Home’s Kitchen to Its Private Pool | Photo Source: Jag Santha

The star of the show, however, is the private cooled and heated pool. Maintained at a comfortable 88 degrees all year round, this pool can be accessed through the large sliding door in the kitchen or the downstairs bathroom, which also boasts its own shower and washer/dryer. No more wet feet creating chaos after a refreshing swim!

Pool, BBQ, and Sunset Serenades

San Antonio Airbnb with Private Pool

This San Antonio Airbnb with its Own Private Pool is Perfect for Groups | Photo Credit: Alberto Graulau

Lucid Dream offers a multitude of options for your enjoyment, whether you’re spending 99% of your vacation in the water or lounging by the poolside. You might sway on a hammock, challenge your friends to a game of mini golf, or showcase your grilling skills as the reigning king or queen of BBQ.

mini golf in cool san antonio vacation home

Be the Group Hero and Take Over the Grill or Relax by the Putting Green of this Texas Airbnb | Photo Source: Jag Santha

Personally, I found pure bliss floating in the pool, surrounded by the vibrant colors of the sunset, while the latest AV technology outdoor speakers serenaded me with melodic tunes.

Touches of San Antonio’s Art and Culture

San Antonio Artist Scotch Painted Selfie-Worthy Murals on This Texas Airbnb

San Antonio Artist Scotch Painted Selfie-Worthy Murals on this Texas Airbnb | Photo Credit: Alberto Graulau

While you soak up the sun outdoors, take a moment to admire the elevated designed walls adorned by local San Antonio artist Eulalio Alvarez III aka SCOTCH! Each stroke of the artwork captures the essence of San Antonio’s rich heritage and evolution, serving as a beautiful tribute to the city’s past and present.

An Airbnb Haven for Everyone

Texas Airbnb Spacious Master Bedroom

This Texas’ Airbnb Spacious Master Bedroom is Fit for Royalty | Photo Source: Jag Santha

As you make your way upstairs, you’ll discover five beautifully appointed bedrooms. The primary bedroom stands out with its spaciousness and shared access to a balcony overlooking the pool. The envy-inducing bathroom boasts a modern shower controlled by a couple of golden buttons and a magazine-style tub.

San Antonio Vacation Home

Magazine-Style Master Bathroom in this San Antonio Airbnb | Photo Source: Jag Santha

Rest assured, the other four bedrooms are equally luxurious, with king-sized beds, private bathrooms featuring heated toilet seats doubling as bidets, colorful electric fireplaces, and color-changing crown lighting. Each bedroom also has its own AC console, granting you control over your ideal sleeping temperature.

Relax in this Cool San Antonio Vacation Home

Relax in this Cool San Antonio Vacation Home’s Bedroom | Photo Source: Jag Santha

“It starts with empathy and putting myself in all different guest/group types and identifying how to make each have a great stay and experience,” says Jag Santha, the brilliant builder/designer behind this unique Texas Airbnb.

San Antonio Texas Airbnb

Smart Home Features are Everywhere in this Texas Airbnb | Photo Source: Jag Santha

Additional Delights Await:

  • Just a short rideshare drive to San Antonio’s iconic Riverwalk.
  • Ample parking space for up to 4 cars.
  • Capacity for up to 20 people.
  • High-chair and crib availability.
  • Hot water for all.
  • Pet-friendly accommodation.
  • Pool towels with a convenient hamper.
  • Chilled and heated pools for year-round enjoyment.
  • Smart home features for enhanced convenience.
  • State-of-the-art AV technology with indoor and outdoor speakers.
  • EV charging for eco-conscious travelers.
  • Ample seating and dining options to accommodate large groups.
  • Fully stocked kitchens and bathrooms for your convenience.
  • Indoor and outdoor board games for endless entertainment.
  • Comfortable workspaces with a printer for remote workers.
  • Two washer/dryer sets for added convenience.
Heated toilet seats and bidet in this Texas Airbnb

Heated Toilet Seats? You’ll Find them Here at Your New Favorite San Antonio Texas Vacation Home | Photo Source: Jag Santha

Seamless Journey: Your Airbnb Host’s Aspirations

couches in this airbnb double as pullout beds

Couches in this Airbnb’s Movie Theater Pull Out into Beds | Photo Source: Jag Santha

The host of Lucid Dream has two primary desires for your stay. First, they want the home to exceed your expectations and live up to everything you see in the listing. Second, you will feel like you’ve been hosted by professionals who prioritize guest experience and hospitality.

“We understand that guests spend a significant amount of money on their stay, and we recognize the value of vacation time. Our goal is to provide peace of mind and ensure that every guest has an exceptional experience,” says the host.

And we can wholeheartedly attest to that because Lucid Dreams is not just a vacation home; it is a promise fulfilled.

From the moment you step inside, you are enveloped in a world of luxury, comfort, and entertainment. 

cool san antonio airbnb

Games for Everyone at this Cool San Antonio Airbnb | Photo Source: Jag Santha

Whether you choose to relax by the pool, indulge in movie nights at the private theater, or explore the vibrant city of San Antonio, this Airbnb offers an unforgettable experience.

So, pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and get ready to embark on a journey of relaxation and enjoyment at Lucid Dream. This San Antonio haven will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime and a longing to return to its embrace.

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