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The Heights: Why We Love this Houston Neighborhood

the heights in houston Texas
The Heights in Houston Texas

Colorful and vibrant, The Heights, located in Houston, Texas is a popular and rather affluent area located in northwest-central side of Houston.

The Heights is an energetic and busy modern district that attracts young professionals, foodies, and homeowners alike. It is also known to be constantly evolving to include new restaurants, shops, and local attractions.

The Heights in Houston Texas: No Bad Days Mural

The Heights in Houston Texas: No Bad Days Mural

Where Is The Heights in Houston Located?

The Heights are highly accessible from all angles of Houston as it’s only about four miles from Downtown. It’s easy for commuters to gain access to the city while Interstate 10 and 610 are easily reached from the North and South.

Multiple bike trails are also a big part of the area and the Metropolitan Transit Authority works tirelessly to ensure that local residents have ample access to public transportation. In fact, bike trails at The Heights connect the general Downtown area along with the University of Houston.

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A Quick History Of The Heights

A group of investors along with millionaire Oscar Martin Carter developed this area in 1891. It was meant as an answer to people’s desire to remain a decent distance from the hustle and bustle of the city while still retaining access to most city amenities. As World War II progressed, the area saw drastic changes in the form of industrialization and in the 70s, it was considered a low-income neighborhood for the most part. The population saw a sharp change and decline in the decades that followed, but it is starting to see a revival fueled by younger homeowners in recent years.

Affluent residents are slowly taking over the region as they flock to renovate and make their mark on the many historical homes found on the market. For those homes that are beyond renovation, homeowners tear them down to make way for modern buildings.

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Who Lives in The Heights?

As it currently stands, a little over 41,400 residents live in the area. It is seen as one of the most racially diverse districts with also a varying range of age groups. In fact, many call this district region hip and urban because it represents such a modernized view of life. People who are creative, love food or enjoy old architecture are especially drawn to this region.

Is The Heights Walkable?

The Heights Lola Restaurant

The Heights Lola Restaurant

There are quite a few parks and recreational areas that are available to local residents. For example, Milroy Park is a popular hotspot for those with young kids and also athletic types looking to try their hand at the tennis courts. Another great place is Love Park with its fantastic amenities such as the basketball courts, swimming pool, indoor gym, and bike trail.

If anything, the Heights are possibly the most eclectic place to hang out featuring virtually any and every shop one can think of such as antique stores, thrift shops, and pop-up shops. Many restaurants are also seen as the heart of the district offering unique quality as well as creative dishes.

Another major draw for those looking to make the area their home is access to live programs the first Saturday of every month. These sought after events or programs include music, arts, and crafts. As most establishments are easily within walking distance of many residential neighborhoods, residents have called this region the “most walkable”.

The Housing Market

Thanks to the large influx of affluent home buyers flocking to the region, since the early 2000s, Houston Heights has gone from a low-income neighborhood to an up-and-coming hipster district.

The local market is seeing no trends in potentially slowing down. In fact, it’s estimated that in the next couple of years, the prices of homes are slated to increase.

Most local homes are historical and date back to the 1800s with unique architectural features, some even wholly untouched by modern renovations. However, quite a few older homes have been cleared away to make room for modern dwellings, which is why the prices of homes on the market vary so vastly. Those looking to move to the Heights can expect to spend anywhere from the lower $400k to the upper millions.

Is the Houston Heights Right For You?

  • If you love old architecture, especially Victorian designs, the residential homes as well as businesses feature plenty of antique charm. Many people choose to live here to avoid cookie-cutter properties.
  • If you want to live in a youthful thriving community, the Heights is a central hub for arts, music, and culture.
  • If you enjoy many trails, sidewalks, and highways make it easily the most walkable district. Most shops, restaurants, and other amenities are easily accessible.
  • If you’re looking at your future residence as an investment, the Heights is a great place to get started as the upswing in interest makes it a highly desirable area.



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