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Island in the City: A List of Caribbean Restaurants in Houston

caribbean restaurant in Houston - cuban restaurant in houston
El Rey Taqueria - Cuban Food in Houston

Caribbean Restaurants in Houston

Picture this: It’s summer. You’re lying under an umbrella, sand smoothing your feet while you cool your body by sipping on tropical pina coladas. Hearing the soothing Caribbean waves, wondering what the hotel staff has prepared for your catered lunch.

Except you’re in the city. And no one is catering your lunch. You’ve got to drive out somewhere. Luckily for you, we’ve found you the next best thing. A list of Caribbean restaurants in Houston. Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, we’re not holding back. Your taste buds will be celebrating Caribbean flavors faster Elon Musk backed out of buying Twitter.

El Caribeño

 puerto rican food in houston -el caribeno

Caribbean Restaurants in Houston – El Caribeno Puerto Rican Food

Crispy, savory appetizers. Genuine staples in Puerto Rican cuisine such as Alcapurrias, a green banana fritter stuffed with flavorful and moist ground beef. Classics like rice with gandules, served with “bifstec encebollado” [beef steak with sautéed onions]. Or if you really want to taste the Caribbean, you can try the “Chillo Frito” which is a whole fried Red Snapper. Follow with a sweet coconut flan (and an extra 30 minutes on the treadmill ).

Located at: 12904 Fry Rd, Cypress, TX 77433 | For reservations: (832) 813-2578

La Vina

la vina cuban food in Houston

Caribbean Restaurants in Houston – La Vina Cuban Food

Start off with some toast and butter (trust us), and a crunchy appetizer such as the Mariquitas which are fried plantain chips accompanied by a garlic mojo sauce. At La Vina, you’ll find Cuban culinary staples such as “Ropa Vieja” which is savory shredded beef, which you can combine with Moro (rice and black beans) and Yucca.

Located at: 9381 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77063 | For reservations: (713) 914-0810

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La Casa Del Mofongo

dominican food in houston texas - La Casa del Mofongo

Caribbean Restaurants in Houston – La Casa del Mofongo – Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Colombian Food

No fancy “instagramable” mural and no reservations needed. Just great genuine Caribbean taste. La Casa del Mofongo prepares genuine Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Columbian plates. You can find dishes like Mangu, which is a traditional Dominican mashed plantain dish. Fricase de pollo – composed of rice beans, and stewed chicken from the Puerto Rican side. The famous “Bandeja Paisa” on the Colombian side which includes beans, white rice, chicharrón, carne en polvo, chorizo, fried egg, ripe plantain, avocado and an arepa.

Located at: 125 E Edgebrook Dr suite c, Houston, TX 77034 | Phone: (832) 664-7317

El Rey Taqueria

Caribbean Restaurant in Houston TX - El Rey Taqueria cuban food

Caribbean Restaurants in Houston – El Rey Taqueria Cuban Restaurant

Yes. Yes. It has the word taco incorporated in its name. But hear us out. This is a half Mexican, half Cuban restaurant. So let’s talk about the Cuban part. Traditional Cuban sandwiches, “Ropa Vieja”, strong Cuban coffee, and fresh squeezed orange juice are one of the many reasons we love this place. And even though they’ll ask you unconventional questions such as what type of tortillas would you like with your “Ropa Vieja” plate 😳, we find having the option to add a fresh Mexican limeade and tres leches to our Cuban cravings a plus. Feeling like eating back home? They have a drive-through option. A drive through the Caribbean, who knew?

Located at: Multiple locations

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